Tight Lipped is a storytelling podcast that makes public what is often thought of as “private pain.”

Check out our pilot episode “Secrets” and our piece on WHYY’s The Pulse, which starts around the 32 minute mark.


What is Tight Lipped about?

We ask big questions about female chronic pain. We explore how gender, race, sexual orientation and class impact women and non-binary folks' experiences of healthcare and of their own bodies. Our show focuses on conditions that are extremely common (like vestibulodynia, vaginismus and endometriosis), yet carry with them a social stigma and often impact mental health, identity and intimate relationships.

Why a podcast about chronic vulvar pain?

Between 10-28% of American women experience chronic vulvar pain, whether pain with penetration or generalized pain in the vulva region. Yet the majority of these women struggle to get a diagnosis, treatment, or even to be taken seriously. At Tight Lipped we ask: If so many women have conditions that cause pain with penetration, why are none of us talking about it? How do so many women harbor the belief that their pain is normal, or that they're not deserving of treatment and care?